About Us

About Leet Family Farmers


Our main focus is to rebuild the soil and serve our community, as well as to inspire others to farm in any way they can, and to connect with the earth, and add to it, not just take from it. We are taking steps every day to improve our practices and our soil, and to provide our plants and animals with as much love as we can. 
We're here to support our local community, as well as to provide assistance and information for other small farmers. 
Check out our Fresh List for products that are currently available for sale online and at the farm.
We offer farm tours and Farm Day events for our community.

"Farming is a bold, brave, difficult profession. It's hard for people to understand, unless they get out there and try."

We are a start up farm and as we grow, so will our impact on the community. We offer unique fruits, veggies, produce and custom meat butchering from the animals who graze our fields.
To learn more about Regenerative agriculture you can visit www.RegenerativeAgricultureDefinition.com. The information on their webite is open source so you are free to use the information to spread educational content.